Razer™ is a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers.

Razer is transforming the way people play games, engage with other gamers and identify with the gamer lifestyle. Having won the coveted “Best of CES” award consecutively for six years, the company’s leadership in product innovation continues to create new categories for the gaming community that is estimated to have over 1 billion gamers worldwide.


Vertagear is the world’s leader in premium gaming chairs. Brought to life in 2015 by a mixture of computer hardware veterans, furniture specialists, designers, and gamers, Vertagear aims to develop products catered to the sensibilities of the gaming community by combining a full spectrum expertise. The company boasts an uncompromising stance on material quality and an emphasis on innovation, providing users with the best experience from the first touch. For more information visit vertagear.com.


Victrix is the official headset sponsor of the Capcom Pro Tour.

San Diego based premium esports hardware company Victrix is set out to disrupt competitive gaming by introducing meaningful technological innovation encased in elegantly designed products that are crafted using the top quality materials and held to the highest manufacturing standards. Company's flagship product Pro AF™ ANC, an active noise canceling esports headset that can electronically block out up to 70% of the background/crowd noise, will be used in main stages of CPT helping FGC pros ignore the loud crowds and focus on their strategy. Pro AF is already highly adopted by pro gamers and top teams in FPS esports scenes and offers further innovative features such as a ventilation system to cool down the players between matches and a voice microphone filter design originally developed for Cobra attack helicopters. Further details on Victrix and their upcoming products can be obtained at www.victrixpro.com


Arcade1Up is bringing back Street Fighter II in the way it was meant to be played - Remaster your combos or learn them for the first time! Arcade1Up is the official arcade cabinet of the Capcom Pro Tournament. For more information visit Arcade 1UP.