Region Rank Previous Rank Points
Global 58 53 75
Latin America 0

Season Overview

Game: Street Fighter V

Characters: Birdie, Laura


Combo Breaker 2017

Combo Breaker 2019

Location: Chicago, IL, USA | Date: 05/24/2019 - 05/26/2019

Points Earned: 70 Global

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Final Round 2019

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA | Date: 03/15/2019 - 03/17/2019

Points Earned: 5 Global

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RISE|MenaRD has an almost supernatural ability to know the perfect time to pull off Birdie’s EX Bull Head headbutt to catch his opponent off guard.  It makes you wonder if he has some kind of telepathic ability.  His Birdie is dangerous and aggressive, which will be a big problem for his Capcom Cup 2017 opponents.  This year he’s traveled to compete at international events, earning three top 16 finishes at Premier Events and a further five top 16s at Ranking Events, including wins at Game Over Tournament and Online Ranking Event Latin America Three.