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This longtime Zangief loyalist had a bit of a character crisis in 2016.  He didn’t get the results he wanted from the character so he tried using other characters such as Ryu and Alex to help with bad matchups.  We don’t know if it’s due to balance changes to Zangief or if he got a better handle on how to play him (perhaps both), but Snake Eyez has reached a whole new level with the character.  He’s also added Akuma to his arsenal of secondary characters for bad matchups.  Snake Eyez is a great competitor and has had a big 2017, earning three top 8 finishes at Premier Events including a win at CEO 2017.  He also has four top 8 finishes at Ranking Events.   World Warriors of Capcom Cup (2014): Snake Eyez Snake Eyez vs RZR|Xian: The Fall Classic 2014 Grand Finals Snake Eyez vs EG|Justin Wong: San Diego Comic Con 2014 Grand Finals