Región Puesto Puesto anterior Puntos
Global 58 54 20
Europe 6 6 20

Resumen de la temporada

Juego: Street Fighter V

Personajes: Rashid, Ken


Brussels Challenge

Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019

Lugar: Brussels, Belgium | Fecha: 04/05/2019 - 04/07/2019

Puntos ganados: 20 Global, 20 Europe

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NASR|Big Bird has traveled a lot more to international events this season and it has paid off greatly, as he has earned his way into his very first Capcom Cup! He has earned three top 8 finishes at Premier Events as well as four top 8 finishes at Ranking Events including a win at Geek Weekend 2017. He is a player who isn’t afraid to take big risks to get big rewards, which makes him a perfect match for his main character, the fiery Ken. Profile photo by Stephanie Lindgren.