Notice of Schedule Changes and Adjustments Due to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to health concerns we are reporting that the following tournaments have been excluded or postponed from CAPCOM Pro Tour 2020 (CPT 2020). This decision in no way reflects upon the various tournament organizers.

• Brussels Challenge (Belgium)
• Norcal Regionals (USA)
• April Annihilation (USA)
• Taipei Major (Taiwan)
Ranking points allocated to these tournaments will be removed from the ecosystem.

• Fighter ’s Spirit (Korea) 3 / 28-29 → 7 / 11-12
• The MIXUP (France) 4 / 18-19 → 7 / 18-19
Points allocated to these tournaments will be carried over.

CAPCOM will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments to the schedule as the need arises. The safety of our fans and players is our top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience to the players, community, production partners and tournament organizers; and we thank you for your understanding.

In addition, Capcom may also consider adjusting the rules for the season to better accommodate the revised schedule.

The current tournament schedule can be found at

Thank you again for playing and supporting Street Fighter V.