RANKING EVENT: Lima Salty 2018

The Capcom Pro Tour has several exciting events in store this weekend. One of those is Lima Salty 2018, a Ranking Event held in Lima, Peru from August 18th through 19th. Regional players such as Panama's SonicBoxx|DoomSnake507 and Brazil's FURIA|HKDASH will be battling it out for up to 150 points on the leaderboards for a 1st place finish. Be sure to tune in to the live stream below!

Official Event Information Link
Official Website Link

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

SonicBoxx|Doomsnake507 AAG|Baby Brasil

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Local (Lima Peru) Eastern UK Japan
Pools (Sat) 2PM - 6PM 4PM - 8PM 5PM - 9PM 10PM - 2AM (Sun) 6AM (Sun) - 10AM (Sun)
Top 8 (Sun) 5PM - 8PM 7PM - 10PM 8PM - 11PM 1AM (Mon) - 4AM (Mon) 9AM (Mon) - 12PM (Mon)

Live Streams

Watch live video from TheBackyardPERU on www.twitch.tv

Facebook Stream: