France/Spain/Portugal 1 (July 31-Aug 1) Live Stream and Event Information

ONLINE PREMIER: France/Spain/Portugal 1 Live Stream and Event Information

We have another exciting event coming up this weekend as we go to Europe for the first France/Spain/Portugal online premier event. It will take place from July 31st through August 1st. Some of the players registered to attend include GO|Luffy, FNATIC|Akainu, ASMONACO|Mister Crimson and more! Check out the event live this weekend using the live stream and event information below!

Online Premier Event: The top four finalists of this online premier will split a prize pool of $5,000. The winner will automatically qualify to compete in Capcom Cup VIII with a prize pool of more than $200,000 which will be held in early 2022! for Event Information and Tournament Brackets
France/Spain/Portugal 1
Link to Event Bracket (when live)

Registered Players for This Event Include:

GO|Luffy FNATIC|Akainu
VGIA|VegaPatch ASMONACO|Mister Crimson
Linkexelo Will2pac
Abou DAZ

Live Stream Schedule

Pacific Eastern Japan Local
Day 1 (Top 16 to Top 8) Starts 8AM Starts 11AM Starts 12PM Starts 5PM
Day 2 (Top 8) Starts 8AM Starts 11AM Starts 12PM Starts 5PM

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