Evo Championship Series 2022

Evo Championship Series 2022 (August 5 – 7) Live Stream and Event Information

EVOLUTION: Evo Championship Series 2022 Live Stream and Event Information

The biggest event of 2022 is coming up this weekend with the Evolution Championship Series (Evo for short), the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world. Over 1,300 players from around the world are registered to compete in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! As you would expect for an event of this size and prestige, many of the best players are taking part including several Capcom Cup Champions (XSET|iDom, BANDITS|MenaRD, and RED BULL|Gachikun). This is an epic event taking place over three days from August 5th through 7th. You won’t want to miss a single second of Evo 2022, so tune in this weekend using the information below!

Start.gg for Event Information and Tournament Brackets
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Link to Event Bracket (when live)

Registered Players for This Event Include:

Player Nationality
BANDITS|Caba Dominican Republic
BANDITS|MenaRD Dominican Republic
BANDITS|Hermes Venatori Dominican Republic
Luiman20 Dominican Republic
GO|Luffy France
SALTMINE LEAGUE|Mister Crimson France
TALON|HotDog29 Hong Kong
YESPORTS|HumanBomb Hong Kong
MILDOM BST|Daigo Japan
CAG|GO1 Japan
ROHTO Z!|Tokido Japan
StormKUBO Japan
RED BULL|Gachikun Japan
BC|Tachikawa Japan
00|Phenom Norway
RR|Mono Puerto Rico
RZR|Xian Singapore
UYU|Oil King Taiwan
NASR|Big Bird United Arab Emirates
MOUSESPORTS|Problem X United Kingdom
Punk United States
Nephew United States
XSET|iDom United States
Smug United States
CLG|Brian_F United States
801 Strider United States
END|Shine United States
Alex Myers United States
NYChrisG United States

Live Stream Schedule

Pre-show starts 30 minutes before the event.

For full stream schedule go here.

Pacific Eastern
Pools (Aug 5th) 11AM – 10PM 1PM – 1AM (Aug 6th)
Pools (Aug 6th) 11AM – 7PM 1PM – 10PM
Top 48 to Top 8 (Aug 6th) 7PM – 10PM 10PM – 1AM (Aug 7th)
Top 8 (Aug 7th) 5PM – 8PM 8PM – 11PM

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