RANKING EVENT: Defend the North 2018

Defend the North 2018 is a Capcom Pro Tour North America Ranking Event held in White Plains, NY, USA from June 23rd through 24th. See the SmashGG link below for Registration information.

About Defend the North 2018

On July 20th, 21st and 22nd, the Crowne Plaza Hotel will open its doors to welcome the Fighting Game Community Defend The North (DTN2018), a major fighting game tournament.

New York City consists of a diverse gaming community that has grown substantially over the previous years. As you may know, New York City is a tourist attraction and we believe that it can be a great destination for gamers who travel to these tournaments year round. DTN2018 will provide a venue that will advertise to players and spectators of all levels.

Both players and spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy competitive fighting gameplay as well as additional events that will occur simultaneously. They will also enjoy the opportunity to play and watch the best of the East Coast, as we try to defend our home court.

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