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While 2016 was pretty quiet for RED BULL|Bonchan, he’s regained his momentum in the 2017 season. Like several veteran top players from the Street Fighter 4 era, gaining solid footing in Street Fighter 5 competition took some time. He started playing Ryu but switched to Nash in the middle of the 2016 season. In 2016 […]

Momochi - 2014 Capcom Cup Champion

2014 marked the inception of the Capcom Pro Tour, an official circuit for competitive Street Fighter players that allows them to take their talents across the globe. Giving pros the world over a chance to shine for points, fame, and glory, the Tour also introduced its grand finale in Capcom Cup, the culmination of tournaments […]

Gachikun - 2018 Capcom Cup Champion

Street Fighter V is known for cultivating Western Capcom Cup champions, historically seeing such names as America’s NuckleDu and the Dominican Republic’s MenaRD take the victory at season’s end — but 2018 changed this trend, with Japan’s very own Kanamori “Gachikun” Tsunehiro winning one of fighting games’ greatest tournaments against a fellow countryman and explosive […]


After seeing Pepeday’s performance at Mad Catz TGS 2014, members of the r/Kappa subreddit held a fundraiser to allow him to compete in The Fall Classic 2014 and give him an opportunity to qualify for the Capcom Cup 2014. In honor of this act, he competed with the team/sponsor tag of FGC r/Kappa, with FGC […]