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About the Tour

About the Tour - Ryu
Capcom Cup

The CAPCOM PRO TOUR (CPT) is the premier league destination for competitive fighting games. Featuring the latest flagship title of the legendary Street Fighter series, the CPT brings together players and spectators from all over the world to share their love of gaming. With over a dozen official events, and even more independently run tournaments involved, the CPT showcases the very best that competitive gaming has to offer.

How to Qualify for the Capcom Cup

  • Earn global points all season

    Fight to the top twenty-six of the Global Leaderboard.

  • Win your regional final

    Dominate your region and show the world who’s boss.

  • Win the last-chance qualifier

    Who needs points?! Win and you’re in.

  • Be the returning champion

    This year, that’s Gachikun. Next year, it could be you.