Region Rank Previous Rank Points
Global 29 27 220
North America 3 3 160

Season Overview

Game: Street Fighter V

Characters: Balrog, Necalli, Vega



Final Round 20

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA | Date: 03/10/2017 - 03/12/2017

Points Earned: 20 Global

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Location: Sacramento, CA, USA | Date: 04/14/2017 - 04/16/2017

Points Earned: 40 Global

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PR Balrog

Online Event: North America One

Location: Eligible Regions | Date: 05/13/2017 - 05/13/2017

Points Earned: 160 Global, 160 North America

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Profile photo courtesy of Chris Bahn.

EG|PR Balrog burst onto the scene at Evolution 2009 where he took 5th place. In his own words, PR Balrog is a "momentum" player.  He looks for an opening to attack and gain the initiative and then ferociously attacks his opponent to keep him off balance.  PR Balrog is one of the best Balrog players in the world through the Street Fighter 4 era, but he did play Evil Ryu occasionally later.

PR Balrog has a very distinguished tournament history starting in 2009, and his high level of play is reflected in his being able to get into top 8 at Evolution with a consistency that is very rare even among the very best players.  As of this writing (April 2016) his Evolution placements during the Street Fighter 4 era include: EVO 2009, 5th place; EVO 2012, 3rd place; EVO 2013, 4th place, and EVO 2015, 7th place.  In 2014 he took 5th place at Capcom Cup.

PR Balrog is also a top Marvel vs Capcom 3 player, with a distinguished tournament history in that game as well.  He took 2nd place at EVO 2011 and 9th place at EVO 2013.

World Warriors of Capcom Cup (2014): PR Balrog